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We share regular updates by the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law, directly from the Chairperson’s Office. We also share updates from Visual Legal Analytica and VLiGTA, the technology law research initiative of Indic Pacific Legal Research.

About Us

The Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law is a technology law research organisation founded by Abhivardhan, a technology law professional and entrepreneur from Lucknow, in 2018. The Organization's core goal is to develop qualitative research and impart AI-related education with an India-centric approach globally. As of 2022, we have shifted our research operations to VLiGTA, the research & innovation division of Indic Pacific Legal Research, our member organisation.

ISAIL supported two independent journals, namely - the Indic Journal of International Law and the Indian Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Law. It also supports an independent media and podcast initiative - The Bharat Pacific.

Know more about ISAIL at isail.in.

Become a Member

In collaboration with VLiGTA, ISAIL has opened up to accept calls for membership.

We invite lawyers, entrepreneurs, public policy professionals and technology scientists and developers to join our community.

Membership Fee and Subscription Fee

Please look at indian.substack.com to stay updated about the subscription fees of this Substack, and for the membership of ISAIL, please look at isail.in/team to understand the membership fees as updated.

Eligibility Criteria

Original Criteria as of January 12, 2023

Only the following are eligible to become the ordinary members of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law:

  • Indian or Foreign Nationals, who possess a government identification document

  • Professionals and scholars in the fields of law, technology and public policy (must be graduates

The membership process is simple. The applicant is required to submit their recent curriculum vitae/contact details at vligta@indicpacific.com.

Additional Criteria as of September 12, 2023

Students are eligible to be considered as members, provided that those who are pursuing undergraduate courses:

  • have completed the 3rd semester of 5-year / 7-year law course, or the 3rd semester of their 3-year law course, or

  • have completed the 4th semester of their BTech / BSc / BA / BCA / BCom course, or

  • have completed the 5th semester of their BA (Legal Studies) course.

We offer an additional exception of technology professionals, including developers and data science professionals, who are still pursuing their undergraduate courses, based on their exceptional record in their respective fields of computer science, artificial intelligence and fields of industrial technologies and special sciences.

The Vidhitsa Law Institute of Global and Technology Affairs, also known as VLiGTA shall be the facilitator of the applications. Based on the recommendations of VLiGTA and our office bearers, we may request the concerned applicant to voluntarily submit a government ID proof to verify the applicant's identity for security purposes.

We may accept or reject the membership request in line with the Guidelines on Presence and Activities in Online Groups and Workspaces (isail.in/guidelines) or any other by-laws of the Trust, in line with the laws of the Republic of India.

The membership may be subject to renewal after a period of 1 year. We do not enable RBI mandates via UPI only to ensure that applicants who are voluntarily interested to become ordinary members of ISAIL, may remain members as they wish.

Here are some easy steps to apply to become a member of ISAIL:

Step 1: Send your CV and contact information to vligta@indicpacific.com.

Step 2: You'll receive an email to confirm if your application needs verification. If it does, send the necessary documents (for example, CV / Resume) for verification.

Step 3: After approval, complete the registration fee payment and confirm the date of payment as well. Once confirmed, you'll become a member, and we'll send your membership certificate. Once we verify the payment, an identification code will be given to the applicant as an ordinary / life member in the form of an alphanumeric code, which the person can use to verify their ordinary memberships.

Step 4: Join the ISAIL Members Community at Substack and Whatsapp and connect with us.

You can join via Whatsapp, Substack or both.

Please note: You can become a subscriber to ISAIL directly via subscribing at indian.substack.com as well. However, to get the certificate of membership, you have to follow the steps described above, and get your profile verified as per our membership rules and guidelines.

To verify and get the certificate of membership, kindly apply once you have paid for the yearly subscription at vligta@indicpacific.com with your email ID registered on Substack. We will get back to you.

For example, students are not eligible to become members of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law. However, they can be our subscribers at indian.substack.com with the benefits restricted to this Substack.

Know more about becoming a member at isail.in/team.

Membership Benefits

[Last updated on October 31, 2023.]

Here is a list of benefits offered to the members of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence, in collaboration with VLiGTA® - the research & innovation division of Indic Pacific Legal Research.

  • Regular insights and updates on the artificial intelligence industry with legal and policy outlooks on the ISAIL’s Whatsapp Group and Substack (indian.substack.com).

  • Guest opinions on law/policy will be published in (The Bharat Pacific) bharatpacific.com and (Visual Legal Analytica) indicpacific.com/vla by preference. We encourage guest opinions to be published taking cognisance to encourage sharing relevant ideas by thought leaders. The Guest Opinions will also be featured on indian.substack.com.

  • Any insight reports on industry trends on law, technology and policy based on insights from our members will be published on indian.substack.com.

  • Members can conduct network meetings with other members including webinars with ISAIL on various law and tech issues.

  • We also engage with our members on an individual basis, to discuss their academic and policy interests on technology law issues, especially those of artificial intelligence and law.

  • Automatic membership of the AI General Assembly, the Democratic Forum of ISAIL. This involves benefits to participate in the AI General Assembly, vote for the Executive Board members, and use the forum for the purposes of deliberation of policy ideas as a professional-to-professional & a peer-to-peer discourse forum.

  • Access to attend the Indian Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law, the Annual meeting of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law.

  • Publication opportunities for books and other publications developed by the VLiGTA Team at Indic Pacific.

Monthly subscribers on INDIAN.SUBSTACK.COM will not be considered as the members of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law and will only be provided the following benefits:

  • Regular insights and updates on the artificial intelligence industry with legal and policy outlooks on the ISAIL’s Substack (indian.substack.com).

  • Access to attend the Indian Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law, the Annual meeting of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law.

To get access to all the benefits, you must become a member of the Society by paying for the annual subscription.

Call for Committee Members

The Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law opens applications to become a part of the following AIGA committees:

Global Affairs Committee

- Handling international affairs and reach-outs for the activities of the Society as their Members

Region Committee

- A committee representing and administering various regional chapters of ISAIL in India, and the rest of the world, including the Indo-Pacific.

Research Ethics Committee

- Members in this committee participating in mentoring student interns of the Society at their pleasure, and can also participate in research discussions.

R&D Committee

- This is a technical committee in which we discuss technology-oriented developments, with technical and scientific experts.

To apply for the membership of the committees, kindly send your request with your CV at akash@isail.co.in.

Non-members will have to become the ordinary or life members of ISAIL.

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